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Occupational Balance

People often wonder how to balance all of the aspects of their busy lives. From work responsibilities to family commitments, in our modern world we all have a lot going on! This is especially true for those who are caregivers to an elderly spouse or loved one. In these cases, it is especially important to…

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Dangers and Drawbacks to Glass Shower Doors

Some individuals choose glass shower doors because they look nice and they let in light when you are in the shower. The trade-off from having something that looks good, however, is a significant decrease in safety & accessibility. We dislike them in any home, and because our focus is on safety and aging in place,…

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Safety and Convenience: Tub Transfer Bench

One of the simplest tools that we offer to greatly increase bath safety is the tub transfer bench. This tool improves access to a tub or shower without making permanent changes to a bathroom while significantly reducing fall risk. One of the most dangerous transfer an individual performs in a day is getting into and out of…

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